Hope Presbyterian Church



Our History

1880: The Relay Presbyterian Church is Organized

The Founders:  
Mr. William G. March Mr. J. P. Richardson
Mrs. Nettie B. March Mrs. James
Mr. Robert H. Brown Miss Nellie McIntosh
Mrs. Martha Brown Mrs. Frances Childs
Mr. B. B. Harlow Miss Sarah McLaughlin
Mrs. Susan Harlow Mr. Thomas H. Brown


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1885: Property was acquired for the erection of a church.

1881: Louisa L. Woosley publishes “Shall Women Preach” She was ordained minister of the gospel by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1889.

1893: Pollie L. Clagett is allowed to take her place as an elder commissioner to the Cumberland Church General Assembly following a long floor debate.


Hope History 2

1901: The Manse was built.  5021 Cedar Ave, Relay, MD.

1906: Presbyterians ordained the first woman deacon.


Hope History 3

1953: Rev. Allan G. Moore founder of Bethany
Rev. Rea W. Martin, Relay: 1953-1958

1954: Esther Murdoch, the first woman Elder at Bethany


Hope History 4

1956: Bethany holds services in Rev. Moore’s basement.


Hope History 5

1957: June, ground was broken for Bethany (now Hope).


Hope History 6

1958: March, the Bethany building is complete.

1960: The Merger, Relay and Bethany join together and become HOPE.

1962: Dodie Martin was hired as organist.

1963: Dr. J. W. Aldridge, Relay: 1963-1966

1964: Dr. Ruth Baldwin, first female elder at Relay.

1967: Rev. Daniel L. Force, Relay: 1967-1968


Hope History 7

1973: Reverend Cherry Marshall was assigned as the interim Pastor during Reverend Moore’s illness.

1975: Rev. Cherry Marshall, first female pastor in the Presbytary, was called to be the new pastor at Hope.

1981: The Catholic Community of Relay began using the Relay Sanctuary.  They would later purchase the property.

1982: A new elevator was installed and dedicated.

1983: Hope celebrated the ordination of Randy Hedeman. Robert Mari was hired as Hope’s choir director.


Hope History 8

1984: Hope celebrated their mortgage burning.

1987: Patricia Sparti was hired by Hope to be Choir Director.


Hope History 9

1988: Ralph Jefferson added etched designs to the sanctuary windows.

1990: Hope dedicated our first memorial quilt .

1993: Farrell Maddox was hired as choir director.

1996: Ruth Kuo joined the staff as an interim associate pastor.


Hope History 10

2000: A new educational wing was dedicated and “Joyful Noise” daycare program began.


Hope History 11

2001: Fred Edel was assigned to Hope as an interim pastor.

2003: A new organ was installed thanks to a generous giver.

2004: John Sichina joined the music staff.

2005: The sanctuary was renovated to take on a more contemporary look.


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2007: Marty Baldwin, Rick Hedeman, and Ron Hicks built steps to the balcony.

2009: Tyler Cononico joined the staff as organist after the passing of John Sichina.

2010: Robin Hollifield joined the Hope worship team as the new pianist and assistant choir director.


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2011: Cherry retired after 38 years of service to God and Hope. Just five days after her retirement she was welcomed into God’s Kingdom after her unexpected passing.

2012: Rev. Dr. John Kazanjian was assigned to Hope as our Interim Pastor.


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